Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lecture Schedule

The Czar lecturing over history----

2 Lectures Per Week on the Same or on Related Topics

First Quarter: Overviews, Background, Causes, and Key Figures

Week One: Orientation to the Class and The Modern Age

Week Two: The Influences of the Ancient World & Medieval Worlds on

Week Three: The Influences of the Renaissance & Reformation Worlds on

Week Four: The Influence of the Enlightenment & Modern Science on

Week Five: The Crises of our Age and the Age of Crises

Week Six: What is Modernity?

Week Seven: Background to the Reformation—Wycliffe, Hus, and the Brethren of the Common Life

Week Eight: Martin Luther and the Reformation

Second Quarter: The Fruits and Limits of Reformation

Week One: John Calvin and the Reformation in Geneva

Week Two: The Growth, Spread, and Influence of Calvinism on Church, State,
Family, and Education

Week Three: England and the Rise of the Tudors & Reformation in Scotland

Week Four: England Under the Stuarts & the Rise of the Puritans, the Age of
Cromwell, the Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution

Week Five: Europe After 100 Plus Years of Reformation

Week Six: The Literature of Reformation: The Four John’s of England

Third Quarter: Revolution in the Minds of Men and the Courses of Nations

Week One: The Enlightenment—Lights and Darks

Week Two: Three Roads to Modernity: England, France, and America

Week Three: Background to the Age of Revolution

Week Four: Fire in the Minds of Men—Origins of the Revolutionary Faith

Week Five: The French Revolution and Its Aftermath

Week Six: From Louis XVI to Napoleon

Week Seven: Voices Against Revolution; Armies Against Napoleon

Week Eight: The Restoration of Manners—Scott and Austen

Week Nine: The Downfall of Napoleon

Week Ten: The 1800s in Europe

Fourth Quarter: Modern Times: “If There is No God….”

Week One: The Naturalistic and Darwinian Worldviews

Week Two: The Marxian Worldview and the Industrial Revolution

Week Three: The Victorian Age

Week Four: Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions in Russia

Week Five: The Guns and Armies of August

Week Six: World War I—The Pity of War

Week Seven: The Dark Valley of the 1930s

Week Eight: World At War—for a Second Time

Week Nine: The Cold War Between Forces of Freedom and Tyranny

Week Ten: Now How Should We Live?

Audience participation while the Czar lectures over history----

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