Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week Nine: October 25-29

From Chicago to Wittenberg


Tales from our Travelers to Far Distant Lands:  Wheaton College, Moody Bible Institute, the C.S. Lewis Museum, and downtown Chicago.

Glances at Bondage of the Will.  Do we choose God or does God choose us or do we choose God because God chose us or does God choose us because we chose God?  Is our will free, neutral, able to do good, or bound naturally by sin?  What kind of Reformation would Erasmus have given us?

Back to Hamlet:  To kill Claudius or not to kill Claudius:  Here is the question:  What SHOULD Hamlet do? And when is he mad and when is he portending madness?  And what did Gertrude know and when did she know it? 


Guest Lecture by Sean Mahaffey. 
Topic:  Amusing Ourselves to Death.


Class Reports:  Background to the Reformation
To be Followed by an Exclusive Mr. House Test: Background to the Reformation


What Do We Then Understand:  Assemble the 10 Discussion Questions from Francis Schaeffer.
To be Followed by an Exclusive Mr. House Assignment on How Should We Then Live?


Hamlet, then Luther

1.  Bondage of the Will.
2.  A Place to Stand: Martin Luther and the Word of God
3.  Chapters from Gonzalez and Spielvogel
4.  Hamlet
5. Romans 1

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