Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 12: November 15--19


the theologian/Bible scholar's essential library

Monday:  John Calvin, The Institutes on the topic of prayer, and Geneva during the Reformation

Homework:  Read--carefully--chapter 7 of Justo Gonzalez, "John Calvin.," pages 61-69.
And continue reading from The Institutes.

Tuesday:  John Calvin, The Institutes (more on the topic of prayer), and Geneva as a center of Reformation

Homework:  Continue reading about prayer from The Institutes.

Wednesday:  The Institutes on prayer;
The Five Centuries of Calvinism.

Homework:  FINISH reading Book 3, Chapter 20 (Bk. III, Ch. XX)

Thursday & Friday:  Guest Lecturer: Pastor Martin Rizley from Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church

If time permits:  An introduction into Reformation in England.

It was not from Greece or Rome that the regeneration of human life came forth; that mighty metamorphosis dates from Bethlehem and Golgotha; and if the Reformation, in a still more special sense, claims the love of our hearts, it is because it has dispelled the clouds of sacerdotalism, and has unveiled again to fullest view the glories of the Cross.
Abraham Kuyper,  Lectures on Calvinism

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