Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 12--14 Post Snow Storm Studies

Puritans and Paradise Lost

Wednesday:  Resume watching "The British Wars" by Simon Schama

                     Review over Timeline for the Stuarts

Thursday:  Test Over Book One of Paradise Lost

                  Watch portions of "Revolutions" by Simon Schama

Friday:  Test Over Book Two of Paradise Lost

             Continue with Simon Schama, discussions of the Stuart kings, Civil War, and the Rise of Cromwell.

1.  Books 1--3 of Paradise Lost  (Books 4--6 to be read next week.) 
2.  The Story of Christianity, Ch. 17, "The Puritan Revolution."  We may have read portions of this before, but you need to get the 'whole picture' of the Stuart kings, the Rise of the Puritans,the Civil War, the time of Cromwell, and the Restroration.
3.  Have portions of Elements of Style read: Part I Elementary Rules of Usage and Part IV Words and Expressions Commonly Misused.
4.  Read chapters 1-5 of Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith.
5.  "Epic as Cosmopoesis" should already be read and marked.

“Heroic narratives tempt the reader to escape from the commonplace and the ordinary, whereas the epic has as its goal a deeper understanding of the basic dimensions of the human enterprise. Epic is thus by its very nature concerned with knowledge.”
Marilyn Stewart, from Epic Cosmos, p. 185.

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