Friday, January 21, 2011

January 24-28: Week 4 of the Second Semester

Paradise Lost in Eden and England

Monday:  1.  Paradise Lost, Book VI
                2.  Survey the Books I-III Test
                3.   Finish or nearly finish watching Cromwell
Tuesday:  1. Paradise Lost, Book VII
                2.  Finish the test on Books I-III
                3.  Writing assignment on Western Civilizations,
              Ch. 14 Europe and the New World Encounters, 1500-1800
Wednesday:  1.  Paradise Lost, Book VIII
                     2.  Discussion of Western Civilization, Ch. 14
Thursday:  1.  Paradise Lost, Book IX
                  2.  Test over Oliver Cromwell, the Man and the Movie; Stuart Kings
                    3.  Preliminary Sketchings of the Cromwell Paper

Friday:  1.  Paradise Lost, Book X
                2.  Further work on the Cromwell Paper
                   3. Further work on Paradise Lost

Readings for the week:
Paradise Lost, Books VI--XII
Western Civilizations, Ch. 15, State Building and the Search for Order in the Seventeenth Century

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