Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Giant Bookends: A Week Remembering the Greats--January 30-Feb. 6

Modern World Humanities:
Expansion of the World through Explorations and Literature

Francis Schaeffer, born January 30, 1912
Pastor, Christian Apologist, Author, Founder of L'Abri

Ronald Reagan, born February 6, 1911
Actor, Governor of California, President of the United States, Political Visionary

Mr. House will be out on this day.  Students are to read from the purple books titled McDougal, Littell Literature:  English Literature.  The books are on the bottom of the long shelf. Read about the Cavalier Poets and Milton, pages 308-327.  Since you have already read the selections from Paradise Lost, you can simply scan over those portions.  Do the worksheets provided. 

Finish Cromwell Test
Discuss Book VIII of Paradise Lost

Discuss Book IX of Paradise Lost
History of the Times:  The Age of Cromwell through 1700

Discuss Book X of Paradise Lost

Discuss Books XI and XII of Paradise Lost
Peer Reviews of Cromwell Papers

Readings and Writings:
Paradise Lost
Selected portions of Gonzalez and Spielvogel

Meet Jane Austen--Beginnings of the Austen Marathon
The Westminster Confession of Faith
Something Scottish This Way Comes

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