Monday, September 26, 2011

Covenant Heroes and Lesser Known Greek Myths

Assignments for the Week of September 26-30

Isaac Blesses Jacob
          Test Over Mythological Figures 
          Work on The Paper:  Characters to Contrast
           Discuss the Paper

          Second Attempts at Test Over Mythological Figures
          Work on The Paper:  Writing an Introductory Paragraph

            Discuss the Royal Houses of Thebes and Athens
            Discuss Isaac and Jacob

             Work on The Paper:  The Thesis Sentence, Concrete Particulars, and Commentary
              Grade Roundup:  Check Tests and Check Readings

               Discuss Shorter Myths
                The Story of Joseph
                In-class Writing Time
               Continue Discussing Shorter Myths
                 Continue with the Story of Joseph and Pharoah

                 Peer Reviews of Papers

                  Wrap up discussions of Greek figures and Biblical characters.

Reading Assignments for the Week:

From Edith Hamilton, Mythology:  Read Part 6--The Less Important Myths

From James Jordan, Primeval Saints:  Finish the Book!

"Several times Paul quotes from pagan poets, just as he quotes from the Old Testament to prove a theological point....Since Paul did not have a Bartlett's Familiar Quotations to aid him, we would have to conclude that he had a firsthand acquaintance with Greek literature, including its fiction, and knew parts of it by heart.  The principle that emerges is that the Bible affirms, in a variety of ways, the value of reading literature, since it tells us things that are true and worth knowing."
Leland Ryken, Culture in Christian Perspective

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