Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heroes Mythological and Mosaic

Assignments for the Week of September 12-16

Perseus triumphant over Medusa

Abraham's faith:  Preparing to Offer Isaac in obedience to God
 Monday:  Gods and Goddesses

The Story of Dionysus:  The God-Man of Greek Mythology, the God of Wine (freedom and brutality), and the hope of Eternal Life

Tuesday:   Tales of Love and Adventure

Looking for the Contrasts

Wednesday:  Test Over the 12 Olympians

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Thursday:  Four Great Adventures

Primeval Saints: Studies in the Patriarchs of Genesis by James Jordan

Friday:  Four Great Heroes Before the Trojan War

Perseus                Theseus               Hercules                  Atalanta

Readings for the Week Include:

Edith Hamilton, Mythology, Parts 2 and 3

James Jordan, Primeval Saints, Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2

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