Friday, September 10, 2010

September 13-17 Assignments

Assignments for the Week Ahead:

Where to be in the Readings by the end of the week:

A Tale of Two Cities--Press on to the exciting conclusion of this book!

The Great Siege--Can you finish this week? Why not?

How Should We Then Live?--Chapters 3--5 The Renaissance and the Reformation

The Story of Christianity--Chapter 34


Updates on the Readings--Dickens and Bradford

The Renaissance--Schaeffer's book and video

Survey the Study Guide


Updates on the Readings--Dickens and Bradford

Test over the Renaissance--outline, key events and persons, etc.

Preview of the Reformation


Schaeffer video on the Reformation

Introduce Readings on the Reformation--Bondage of the Will, Calvin's Institutes, biographies of the Reformers


Lectures: The Influences of the Renaissance and Reformation Worlds on Modernity

Updates on Readings


Test over the Reformation--outlines, key events and persons, etc.

Updates on Readings

Quote from A Tale of Two Cities:

Who said it? What was the context?

"If you could say, with truth, to your own solitary heart, to-night, 'I have secured to myself the love and attachment, the gratitude or respect, of no human creature; I have won myself a tender place in no regard; I have done nothing good or serviceable to be remembered by!' your seventy-eight years would be seventy-eight heavy curses; would they not?"

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