Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7-10 Assignments

Looking Ahead at This Week's Assignments:

Where to be in the Readings by the end of the week:

A Tale of Two Cities--Ideally, the end of "Book the Second The Golden Thread." Page 287.

The Great Siege--Ideally, the end of chapter 12. Page 104.

How Should We Then Live?--Chapters 1 & 2

Day by Day:


Scan back over Schaeffer, chapter 1; answer one of the three discussion questions from the Study Guide.

Lecture: What Is the Modern World?

Group Therapy: What has happened so far in A Tale of Two Cities?


Discussion of Dickens and A Tale

Discussion of The Great Siege

Survey of Western Civilization by Spielvogel, chapters 2--10


Guest Speaker: Francis Schaeffer--Part 2 of the video.

Chapter 2 of How Should We Then Live?

Question from the Study Guide

Poems--if time permits


Lectures: The Influences of the Ancient World and the Medieval World on the Modern World

Discussions on current readings.

[Saturday: Happy Birthday Eric!]

Quote to ponder: Most people catch their presuppositions the way a child catches measles.

Write the quote in your journal. Then think about it and write your own comments upon it.

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