Friday, September 24, 2010

September 27--October 1

Reading Assignments for the Week:
  • The Great Siege must be finished this week.  Credit reductions after Tuesday. 
  • The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther.  The Historical and Theological Introduction should be finished. Now read chapters 1--3, pages 62-136.
  • How Should We Then Live?.  Read chapters 8--10.  This will cover "The Breakdown in Philosophy and Science," "Modern Philosophy and Modern Theology," and "Modern Art, Music, Literature, and Film."
  • Begin reading A Place to Stand: Martin Luther by Gene Edward Veith
Writing Assignments for the Week:
  • Discussion Questions from HSWTL.
  • Theme from A Tale of Two Cities
Monday:  Back to the discussion of The Great Siege
                  Review of "The Rise of Modern Science"--Terms for Test

Tuesday:  Terms Test for Modern Science
Francis Schaeffer video, "The Breakdown in Philosophy and Science."
Check-up on Luther. 

Wednesday:  Terms Test on Philosophy and Science
                       Writing Sessions

Thursday:  Francis Schaeffer Video, "Modern Philosophy and Modern Theology"
                   Writing Sessions

Friday:      Readings in Class:

                   Friday morning Rhetoric class will prepare copies and practice readings
                   Humanities Class will consist of Readings on A Tale of Two Cities

Francis Schaeffer: We must never think that the Christian base hindered science. Rather, the Christian base made modern science possible.

Peter Ackroyd in Dickens:  The force of the novel springs from its exploration of darkness and death but its beauty derives from Dicken's real sense of transcendence, from his ability to see the sweep of destiny.

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