Friday, September 17, 2010

September 20--24

Readings for the Week:

A Tale of Two Cities should now be finished. Keep quiet and low if you have not finished. You will be penalized after Wednesday if not finished!

The Great Siege will now be the focus of this week's reading. Strap on your armor, dig in, and prepare to repel Soleyman's Janissaries.

How Should We Then Live?--Read chapters 5, 6, and 7. These sections continue with the Reformation and then move into the Enlightenment and Modern Science.

The Bondage of the Will--Read the Translator's note and the "Historical and Theological Introduction."

Monday: Full class, no holds barred discussion of A Tale of Two Cities.
Themes, characters, plot development, coincidences, and style.
The message of Redemption

Preview of Schaeffer's videos for the week

Tuesday: HSWTL video, part 5, The Revolutionary Age
Survey and begin studying the lengthy list of Key Events & Persons
Work on and keep up with the Discussion Questions

Wednesday: Test over Revolutionary Age Terms

Graded Assessments of A Tale of Two Cities reading and comprehension

The World of Charles V, Sulieman the Magnificent, &
the Knights of Malta

Thursday: Welcome Autumn with John Keats' poem--"To Autumn"
HSWTL video, part 6, The Scientific Age
Survey and study yet one more lengthy list of Key Events & Persons

More discussion of The Great Siege.

Friday: Test over Events and Persons from the Scientific Age

Survey the Landscape: Books Read, Ideas Discussed, Issues Raised.


1. Don't fall behind in your readings. HSWTL discussion questions, learning terms, & experiencing literature.
2. A massive Charles Dickens Test is on the horizon.
3. A great Tale of Two Cities theme is coming soon.
4. Bondage of the Will, the Luther biography, & Luther--the movie are all converging on our class.

Charles Dickens said, "There are books of which the backs and the covers are by far the best parts."
Mr. House then told him, "But not the books we read in Humanities."

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